Our Activities

Our Activities

  • Encouraging/Establishment of science clubs and centre‚Äôs in nursery and primary schools.
  • Organizing science drama and playlets.
  • Arranging science exhibitions/fairs.
  • Packaging science games.
  • Arranging science carnival/grotto.
  • Presenting science as fun to the disabled children.
  • Motivating girls towards science and technology related courses.
  • Integrating computer study programmes for children.
  • Arranging Excursions to science-based industries.
  • Setting up children science village to bring together children from diverse socio-cultural background (world wide)for practical activities.


  • Develop scientific skills in children for self-reliance
  • Catching them young for science through out-of-school activities, community-linked & intergrated approaches.


The activities are now having considerable and meaningful impact on lives of teaming Nigerian children in the existing zones.